Site Evaluation

This phase of Power System Study projects is a critical one. The objective is not to simply gather data to enter into the model, but to actually evaluate the overall health of the Electrical Distribution System. What does this mean? There should be regular maintenance performed, but when this is neglected, it creates hazards to anyone working on or around the electrical system. These hazards should be identified, and included in the final report, along with remediation recommendations. This is also a time to evaluate the Electrical Distibution system for National Electrical Code compliance. Any and all violations found must also be documented in the final report. It is also important to provide documentation for location of all major electrical components and the name of those components. Finally, this should be compared to the 1-line diagram, to verify that the naming convention is in agreement. The client remains involved throughout the project to provide direction for these items.

Equipment Plan showing an example Electrical Room

1-Line Diagram showing corresponding panels from Equipment Plan